Tinnitus, literally meaning “ringing” in Latin, is refered to by many patients as a continous source of noise in ear, even in the absence of external sound.

Most people would experience short period of tinnitus when temporarily exposed to extremely loud noise. On the other hand, Chronic Tinnitus can be quite debilitating and depressing that it interferes with our daily lives, such as sleep and normal activities.
A major cause of tinnitus is prolonged exposure to excessive noise, while "cervical tinnitus" can be caused by trauma (or injury history) to the head and/or neck muscles. Otosclerosis, oxidative stress, even excessive wax may all cause tinnitus.

Despite extensive ongoing research, the actual mechanism of tinnitus is not fully understood. In many cases though, damages to the delicate nerve endings of our inner ear are involved, characterised by chronic inflammation, which spearheads the degenerative process at the site of injury. In addition, musculoskeletal factors, such as previous injury, tight muscles in the neck, may aggravate tinnitus.

Currently, pharmaceutical interventions are largely ineffective and are associated with side effects; and mainstream medical practices often focus on cognitive-behavoural training, which aim at making patients adapt to the sypmtoms.

At Sydney Laser Health Solutions, we aim to treat the deep lying problems of tinnitus. Our state of the art Low Level Laser device enables our clinicans to irradiate, hence promote healing of deep tissues (of the inner ear), coupled with low level laser's excellent anti-inflammatory effects, we are committed to put your phantom noise to a stop. Depending on individual conditions, our treatment may also include laser irradiation of head/neck muscles, aimed to make them less tense; laser acupuncture, which works to alleviate symptoms of stress (insomnia, depressed mood etc.)

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment with us, our clinicians will check your medical history, give you thorough examinations to determine the source of problem, and develope personalised treatment protocol.

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