Chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that that persists longer than 3 months, or the fact that the expected period of healing is long passed.

Physical effects include tense muscles, limited mobility, lack of energy, and changes in appetite.

Emotional effects include depression, anger, anxiety, and fear of re-injury. Such fear may hinder a person's ability to return to normal work or leisure activities.

Common chronic pain complaints include: Headache, Low back pain, Arthritis pain, Neurogenic pain and Psychogenic pain.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) provide analgesic effect (pain relief) first and foremost. While laser acts to reduce inflammation on injured sites, both local blood supply and systemic circulation improve, enhancing our immune response, thereby removing free radicals/ reactive oxygen species or more commonly known - toxins. In addition, LLLT induces our body to produce more endorphins and serotonin, which relieve stress, promote better sleep and helps tissue healing process. LLLT can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical intervention or as a stand alone treatment, in case of the former, decrease in drug dosages after treatment is a realistic expection.

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